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Ming -Wanli -Blue and White Porcelain Chinese Bowl - circa 1600 China

Diameter 20.90cm [8.23inches]
Provenance From an english private collection
Description Late Ming blue and white bowl made during the Emperor Wanli's reign. Painted to the outside with a scholar and attendant in a fenced garden with a continuous landscape scene with mountains.
The story of the schoalr and goose was that he was to prove that he could make his writing as elegant as that of a goose/swan's neck. The inside is painted with a figure with plantains/ banana tree. Again this is another refernce to a scholarly legend. That of a very poor schoalr who could not afford paper to write on so dried out the leaves of a plantain and used those instead
Condition Very small rim chip to the inside of the rim small areas of glaze loss on the rim, but that may be before firing that that occured
gbp 1500.00 (Pound Sterling)
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