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Ming Kraak blue and white porcelain saucer plate - 1575 to 1605 China

Diameter 20.50cm [8.07inches]
Medium Porcelain
Literature Kraak Porcelain, A Moment in the History of Trade by Maura Rinaldi has examples the same as this plate
Description Ming blue and white Kraak dish made at Jingdezhen between 1575-1605. Excellent painting of Deer in a landscape setting to the centre
The large ogival framed panels to the outside are painted with flowers and are separated from each other by small panels painted wit beaded pendants.
The dish is catalogued in The Book by Maura Rinaldi (Kraak Porcelain, A Moment in the History of Trade)as having a type VI border which dates it largely to the 16th century.
The underside is painted with a bird on branches which is typical of this classification but not common.
There is in the book by Maura Rinaldi, and on the back of the dust jacket very similar plates see plate 77
Kraak porcelain was the first of the major export cargos destined for Europe and carried by the Dutch and at that time The English East India Company
Condition very small rim frits
gbp 800.00 (Pound Sterling)
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