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Kangxi Blue and White Small Porcelain Plate - 1662 to 1722 China

Diameter 14.20cm [5.59inches]
Medium Porcelain
Description Chinese early 18th century blue and white small plate made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi at the kilns at Jingdezhen
Unusual small plate with excellent painting and design I a vibrant blue, very finely potted and decorated with a variation of the Hundred Antique Pattern which is rare to find on a small plate.
The hundred Antique pattern (bai gu) consists of a combination of any number from auspicious motifs from any or all of, The Seven Treasures of Buddhism, Eight Precious Things, Eight Symbols of the Daoist immortals, Four Treasures of the Scholar, Archaic Bronzes and Musical Instruments.
This plate although has only four items set amongst scrolling lotus it is very typical of the design.
Some Chinese scholars say that the pattern represents the continuity of Chinese culture.
The pattern is repeated to the underside of the cavetto. To the base there is a six character Cheng H'ua mark inside a double circle.
Very Finely potted and excellent quality
Condition Overall very good there is a 1,25cm firing flaw in the glaze stress line to the rim in the glaze it goes down both sides but it is not in the body only Very difficult to see it
gbp 1200.00 (Pound Sterling)
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